About Me

I am a California licensed marriage and family therapist with over 10 years of experience counseling individuals (including children and teenagers), couples, and families to communicate better, reduce conflict, and overcome challenges in their personal and professional lives. With compassion, empathy, and understanding, I work with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain their personal growth goals they are committed to accomplishing.

My approach is informed by multiple styles of therapy:
• Psychodynamic - understanding your family origins and connecting what was lacking in the past to how you relate in your current relationships
• Relational - what you relate to me in the session is a way to understand how you relate outside the session
• Cognitive-Behavioral therapy - exploring your thoughts and how they affect your actions.

I received my Masters of Counseling at California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco, CA, USA) which draws upon the major traditions of the East and West. In order for healing to occur, I take the time to understand the whole you which incorporates your background, environment, and cultural/spiritual influences.

My professional training included completing a vigorous training program in psychodynamic psychotherapy at The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley, CA. I provided individual counseling to clients from diverse ethnic/class backgrounds and sexual orientations dealing with depression, eating disorders, sexual abuse, anxiety, and trauma.

Having lived in America, India, and Thailand, I know what it means to have a global lifestyle and understand the challenges of figuring out what is “home” and coming to terms with one’s identity. Being cross-cultural, I have gained an awareness of race, being different, and being sensitive to cultural and family values.