Career and Life Transitions

"Is this what I am supposed to be doing with my life?"

Many of us join a career for financial stability, but later decide that you no longer feel passionate about what you are doing everyday. Sometimes family members pushed you into doing a career that no longer drives you or you have discovered that you have changed.  It is hard when you feel stuck and feel like you need to continue doing something that is causing you unhappiness. I want to help you understand your aspirations and make changes in your life to support you to find what is meaningful for you.

Lighthouse --- Image by © ImageZoo/CorbisMany life transitions, even good ones, are filled with some sadness, anxiety, fear, or sudden shifts in feeling. They involve losses of people, places, roles, and a sense of where you fit in the world. Other life traditions are “happy” events like marriage, moving in with a significant other, a new job, moving to a new country, starting school, or having a child. Even though these events are typically planned and anticipated, they can stir up emotional feelings and worry.

Life transitions can bring up questions about your ability to handle change; to adapt and leave behind familiar ways of being in the world; to find your inner strength and to get through difficult times. I am here to help you navigate this process whether it is about your career or life transition so that you can find more peace and greater satisfaction in your life.