Depression, Anxiety, and Phobias

"I want to feel like myself again, but I don't know how."

It is natural to feel sad and have difficult days, but if you notice that it is getting in the way of your normal daily functioning, then it is time to explore what could be happening for you. It is tough when you are struggling with these problems because your family members feel like you should “snap out of it and move on”. Individuals who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and phobias cannot just move past things because they are too debilitated with their problems. They need support and more understanding about the underlying difficulties they are experiencing.Girl and flowers --- Image by © Topic Photo Agency/Corbis

A certain level of anxiety is normal beause you have pressures at home, school, and work, but when it creates so much distress that you have difficulty performing your routine tasks, then it is time to take a closer look at what is troubling you. Worry and fear that is constant and overwhelming is crippling for yourself and your family members. For individuals who have social phobias or have irrational fears, it is complicated because you know cognitively that you should move past something, but despite your best efforts, you cannot do it alone.

If you notice that you are having difficulty with finding pleasure in your life, experiencing insomia, having trouble focusing on activities, and are persistently sad and anxious, I am here to help you.  By utilizing a cognitive-behavioral  and psyhodynamic approach, I will help you make the connection between your thoughts/feelings/actions and understand your underlying conflicts.  By having a safe space to look at these feelings, you will find the ability to understand your deepest feelings and learn to develop coping strategies to support you.